This project is about proving wormholes possible using the general theory of relativity.
Khang Nguyen Thomas Isaacs
Grade 5


Are wormholes possible?


So we wanted to find out if wormholes are possible,so we took the theory of general relativity and studied it so we know how it works.We knew it creates curves and objects move creating curves due to the theory so if the objects move over the same curve it will be bigger and we know the universe is a sheet thats bent in with two sides and the objects on the other side could be creating curves and eventually connecting.


The universe is known in spacetime for being a flat sheet that is bent.The gravity effect on spacetime creates curves when objects ar over the sheet,other objects on the opposing side of the sheet are making curves which get bigger and bigger whenevever an object moves over eventually connecting to another curve creating a wormhole.


General relativity is the theory of the gravity effects in space.

Wormholes are a tunnel through the universe.

The theory of general relativity proves wormholes possible due to curves in spactime becoming bigger and connecting.


The conclusion to this project is that the theory of general relativity and how it explains curved spacetime proves wormholes possible in our universe.


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