I made a small waterproof ring to go around your ankle that would be user frendly and able to fit in your pocket
Sam Howe
Grade 7


I did an innovation project.

The problem I was trying to solve was how to stop snow from getting into my shoes.


step 1 . Measure out the length and width 

Of the material   

step 2 . Cut out the measured material

step 3 . Measure out the velcro

step 4 . Cut out the measured velcro

step 5 . Sew the velcro onto the material

step 6 . Test and make observations

step 7 . To improve, redo this process with 

observations in mind 



I think I did a good job trying to solve the problem, and at the end the result was an effective prototype. The innovation stops snow from getting into my shoes. 


The final prototype only let through 0.5 ml of snow compared to 0.3 ml of snow without the final prototype. This means the prototype is six times more effective than not wearing the prototype.


My mom helped me with the sewing and helped me to make the video 

My grandma helped me with some ideas  for the new prototypes

Mr. Blakney helped me get the idea and he helped me with some background reserch

Mrs. Burkell is the science coordinator for my school (R.T.A)