what would the speed of light look like if we achieved it

In my project I look at sci-fi movies with there own way of faster than light travel, then researched faster than light travel to try and find piece of science in the sci-fi movies.
Ian Thompson
Grade 7


Is there any pysics behind FTL ( faster than light travel ) in sci-fi movies? If so, what is this pysics. 


read articles and book as well as watched video and got help form my dad, who is a physicist. 


review the faster than light consept in ten sci-fi movies and tried to find some "science" in them. 


this was primarily a reasurch project but the only data was how the lorentz factor ( gamma ) changes with velocity. 


When I started this project I actually thought that I could find a theory that would work but we need more energy to actually travel FTL, but now I know that the all the theory are just theories, the theoretical 4th+ dimensions that can fold ours, in this one we know that there are probably more than 3 dimensions but we don’t know how to access them. The bubble in space time, for this one Alcubierre did the math to show a bubble  could exist, but we don’t know how we can actually make this bubble. The hyperspace, for this one we don’t even know if hyperspace exists. The infinite improbability drive, for this one we don’t know how to build this kind of tech.  For all these theories we know that theoretically these should work but we don’t know how to make these theories into reality. So as it is now we won't be realistically travel FTL in the near future, but with a little innovation maybe in the distant future. 



Ms.Webb my science teacher, she helped me learn the consept by precenting my project to her 

Ms. Chrusch the teacher than ran the science fair at my school 

Sharon Ramraj Thompson my mom, she helped edit my project 

Robert Thompson my dad, he helped me alot with information and helping me make my overall project.