The reason we get glasses

My project is the reason we get glasses and how to prevent glasses.
Shraddha Premchandru
Grade 5


What is the cause for getting glasses ?


The scientific method.


Myopia: This is when you are Near-sighted. You do not need glasses to look at something close to you but you do need glasses to look at something far away from you.

Hyperopia: This is when you are Far-sighted. You have trouble seeing things close to you, you do not need glasses for this. But if you have severe Hyperopia you will have trouble focusing on objects near you.

Accommodative Esotropia: This is when you have excessive Hyperopia. This causes you to have a crossed eye, glasses will help control crossed eye. 

Anisometropia: This is when your 2 eyes are different , this may cause poor vision in one eye. Glasses will help correcting the difference in the eye.

Astigmatism: This is when your eye is oval shaped instead of being round, this may cause blurry vision and can be corrected with glasses. 

Some glasses are needed because of your age, or any other madical problems that you have. They are also caused when your eye does not have enough moisture. Some examples are if you are watching something on your television and you keep forgetting to blink, then your eye will not have enough moisture and it can cause eye problems.

Preventing Glasses:

1. Eat healthy foods like carrots and papaya.

2. Wear sunglasses to prevent you from the sun's rays.

3. Don't always watch on your digital screen for too long.

4. Visit your eye doctor frequently ( Optional )

5. Do not stare at a digital screen at night

6. If you are watching turn on the " Night Toggle " 


In 2016, the percentage of children using glasses in the age group of 6-17 was higher amoung girls they had about 36.2% while boys had 29.1%.There was no big gender difference in the age group of 10-13, among girls 35.9% and among boys 33.5%.This shows that age maybe one of the causes for getting glasses because at a younger age for the girls they had lots of glasses but for the boys when they were in the age group 10-13 there number increased. But still I do not think gender is the difference but your age.


My problem was "What is the cause of getting glasses?" and my hypothesis was that if we reduce the time we stare at a digital screen for a long period of time then our eyes will get dry and we end up getting glasses. My hypothesis was partialy correct, but some of it was wrong. For example Hyperopea is a cause for glasses and I thought that there was only reason for glasses, but now I know that there are multiple reasons for glasses some of them are medical or age. My other part of this study how to prevent glasses was also partialy right. I learend that you can do many many things to prevent getting glasses some of them as simple as eating healthy food.


I  would warmly like to thank my science and math teacher ( Mrs.Wu ) for giving me this opportunity in the science fair, along with that I would like to thank Mrs.Shoults who helped me with any of the questions I had. From the bottom of my heart I would also like to thank my parents and friends who gave me good suggestions on my project. And also God who gave me this wonderful opportunity in the science fair that others might not get. And last, Mrs.McCoag for letting us do the science fair, even though we are going through the pandemic.