The Future Of 3D printing

My project will explain what 3d printing in the future would be like.
Grade 6


We don't know what the future of 3d printing would be like. I don't know what the future would be like for 3d priniting either this is just a prediction and I don't know for sure. So everything here is just a prediction not precise.


The future makes me think of 3D printing and the timeline of how 3D printing has developed over the years made me think into the future of what 3D pritning would be like.


3D printing is a platform for desgining and printing your own designs ideas etc. 3D printing started in the 1980s and went from little filament to larger filament storage so it could last longer without being replaced constantly to print. Surprisingly 3D printing is a French invention by Chuck Hull. There is way more 3D printing techniques than you think! There are more 3D printing filament than you think because not every 3D printer is the same. Every 3D printer has a different filament size, width, length and materials. 3D printing is also very popular because a whole lot of people want to have a builder that can build their own creations in a few hours or so. 3D printing is also a good platform for designing prototypes for in real life designs for example Helicopter cockpits and other cool inventions that are in this world.



3d printing is truly a cool machine and tool but some places in the 3D printing has flaws in the machine for instance the lack of materials etc. In the future they hope to improve it but they might have to improve the technology aswell to make the filament more and a bigger machine. So overall 3d printing is a cool tool but there are spots for improvement such as space too small to print big things, running out of filament Copyright issues, Design inaccuracys ect. . .