Strength of Construction Materials

Testing the strength of different types of wood.
Ben Khavkin
Grade 6


I think that the plywood is the strongest holding up 6 kg (6 knocks) , because, because spruce is quite strong but i don't think it will beat plywood, pine seems very soft and it is weaker than spruce, and drywall are a smooth thin wood they use for walls.


There is a lot of different type of construction materials.Plywood, drywall, pine, and spruce. It is safe for society because you can use these wood for houses and shelters in general.


Controlled: I make 7 inches long and 1 inch wide bridges out of the wooden beams i'm going to use.

Manipulated: I changed to use all different types of wood instead of concreate, i'm using plywood, drywall, pine, and spruce. 

Responding: I think plywood is going to be the strongest, able to carry 6 hammer knocks with a dictionary stacked on it



 1) Set up the 2 supports

2) Place the beam

3) Add loads 

4) Knock with hammer

5) Repeat for different woods

6 Record which was the strongest




Qualitative observations,

The wood were different length and thickness but i corrected it and made them even.

Not all of the woods were polished completely







My hypothesis was correct and the plywood was the strongest but I did not get how many knocks it was going to take before collapsing. The plywood came with 7 knocks


I can  use the wood to build houses and no what's good for flooring and knowing the strength of Drywall so you don't use it for doors for example 

Sources Of Error

The wood were different length and sizes before

Didn't have good loads

I had uneven supports

I added too little loads



Science Buddies (2006) Strength of Different Construction Materials https://www.sciencebuddies.org/science-fair-projects/project-ideas/CE_p020/civil-engineering/strength-of-different-construction-materials


I'd like to say thanks to my mom for getting me the wood and support. I'd like to also than Mr. Habot for helping with the science fair and having hope for me to get up to here. Thanks to my brothers and my dad for congratulating me for getting up to here.