"Unknown" Beatrix Potter

How well known is Beatrix Potter as a scientist. What was her work in Mycology.
Aylin Aghabayli
Grade 5


Do the kids really know Beatrix Potter as a scientist?

I guess that most of the kids know her as an auther of childrens books.

But the very few of them would know her scientific work.


A survey for the school and the Internet / literature research.


Survey at school
•Research on the internet.
•Read the books.


Results of school survey
“Do you know Beatrix Potter?”


The question was “Who is Beatrix Potter?”
18 kids from Gr.4/5 Mr. Castle’s class participated in the survey.
Only 2 kids know her as an author and 1 kid knows her as a scientist.


3 possible reasons why kids don’t know Beatrix Potter:

1. They didn’t read her books.

2. They read her books but they don’t know the author.

3. They know her as an author but they are not interested in her biography.

They didn’t read her books: little kids at the age of 2 or 3 would like to read Beatrix Potter’s books but the language might be to hard for the little kids to understand.

Make a picture book without words but with Beatrix Potter’s illustrations

The kids would look at the pictures and make there own story!

School library can have the Beatrix Potter’s books available for kindergarteners and first graders.

The first graders can watch British animations that are called “The World Of Peter Rabbit And Friends”.

School library can have the books about Beatrix Potter as a scientists for the older kids.


1.Matthew Dennison ‘Over the hills and far away’ The life of Beatrix Potter
2.Sara Gristwood "The story of Beatrix Potter"


I would like to say thanks for my mother who helped me with my writing and to Angela Bettink, she is a Trustee at The Beatrix Potter Society, for giving me an advice on where I can find the information that I needed. Also I would like to say thanks to my teacher Robert Castle or as my class calls him Mr.Castle for letting me to do the survey in my class and answering some of my questions. And thanks to my father who helped me with the computer technology.